Md. Abu Taher
Full Stack Developer
019 536 38451 * * Dhaka, Bangladesh

I'm a Full Stack Developer, focused on web automation, open source enthusiast and contributor. Passionate about programming, specializing in Javascript who wants to be a machine learning expert someday. Love to experiment with new technologies, solve complex problems, learn and teach about programming.



Full Stack Developer (Feb 2017 - Feb 2018)
Front-end, Back-end, server management, deployment, automation scripts.
Back-end Developer (Apr 2017 - Feb 2018)
Back-end, deployment, automation scripts, front-end.
Web Developer
Freelancer (2011 - Current)
Mostly with direct and offshore clients.


Secondary School Certificate
Cambrian School and College
Higher Secondary School Certificate
Cambrian School and College
Bachelor in Computer Science and Engineering
University of South Asia
2016 - Current


Web Development
Javascript, Node.JS, ExpressJS
Web Automation
Puppeteer, NightmareJS
Web Design
HTML, CSS, SCSS, Bootstrap, Semantic UI
Front End Libraries
jQuery, ReactJS
Data and State Management
Mobx, MongoDB,
CMS Management
PHP, Wordpress
Task and Project Management
Git, Bitbucket, Trello
TDD, BDD, Agile